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Healthcare case study

Sub industry: Remote Patient Monitoring, Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

From scratch, our team engineered a transformative solution for Comeback Mobility, developing a smart crutch tip paired with a comprehensive digital ecosystem.

We delivered a web application using React, alongside native iOS and Android apps built on Swift and Kotlin, respectively. These platforms enable seamless real-time feedback and gait analysis, facilitating personalized rehabilitation plans through precise weight distribution and walking pattern measurements.

Our expertise extended to integrating Bluetooth connectivity for flawless communication between the crutch tips and the digital applications, ensuring that data on patient progress is relayed instantaneously to healthcare professionals.

We also crafted the firmware underlying these devices, allowing for real-time data capture from the hardware, thus providing doctors with immediate insights into their patients' rehabilitation journey.

This end-to-end development showcases our commitment to leveraging advanced technology to create impactful healthcare solutions, positioning Comeback Mobility at the forefront of the physical therapy sector with enhanced recovery efficiency and patient care.


Web application: ReactJs

Android mobile app: Kotlin

IOS mobile app: Swift

Cloud infrastructure: AWS

Back-end: Python

Firmware: C++, STM32

UI/UX designs: Figma



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