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Cybersecurity case study


The client is a government organization with cyber security analytics phase zero (passive monitoring, zero trust) implemented with no process or active cybersecurity. 

Huge analytics team with low results (30% logs coverage).


Cybersecure architect with two cybersecure engineers engaged in the project. We implemented: 

- Night infrastructure monitoring

- Fuzzing automated tests (development and release control)

- Active analytics system configuration

The majority of analytical tasks are automated through the deployment of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) active agents, with the operator serving as the final step in the process. 

This approach results in a fivefold increase in efficiency.

What we do

- security framework setup

- security architecture

- security infrastructure/tools/services advisory

- security process integration with SDLC

- security pentesting (blackbox, grey-box, white-box)

- auto-pentesting

- cloud pentesting (AWS, Azure)

- mobile pentesting (Android)

- on-premise pentesting

- GDPR, NIS, PCI-DSS, and other regulations compliances audit

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